NETFLIX MUST BE STOPPED [winx club, sabrina, + riverdale] 

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Netflix has been edgifying cute cartoons for a while now, and aesthetically its becoming a nightmare.
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2021 31 ژانویه





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Katfoox پیش 12 دقیقه
Lmao netflix can truely 5 minute craft anything
Winter Holder
Winter Holder پیش 2 روز
I genuinely liked sabrina but river dale and winx are just to much for me
Lovely Lala
Lovely Lala پیش 2 روز
I loved Winx as a kid 🥺
froggy پیش 3 روز
if they want a show thats very edgy,just make a new show! Dont ruin people's childhoods. I find it a bit distasteful,its really sad to see.
chargenari پیش 3 روز
broooo not the way I hate bloom in the original cartoon but I'm totally in love with your version 😭🥺
WeirdosWithFreeTime پیش 3 روز
i feel bad. i actually loved sabrina
Adelie Watters
Adelie Watters پیش 3 روز
As someone who watched the live action Sabrina the teenage witch I was very disappointed when I watched the reboot and it wasn't this lighthearted comedy I was used to.
Cool Dude
Cool Dude پیش 7 روز
Flower Beds
Flower Beds پیش 8 روز
To comment on the bit where you talked about the Sabrina remake, I truly dislike as a Christian when shows like this just inserts Christian based ideas of demons and witchcraft in them. It is not just demeaning to those that practice similar religions people might associate with “witchcraft”, but it is demeaning to the literature from which the demons and Satan came from. They capitalize on it, and it is so weird because to us those very things Christians believe to be the root of all evil. Not to mention the countless who died from disillusioned religious officials accusing them of things of which they had no proof. Anyways sorry for going on a rant even though it had like nothing to do with the vid 😅
Lil bean246
Lil bean246 پیش 10 روز
I cant bring myself to watch any of these shows it hurts to know that they took something that me and my siblings watched every night and made it into sh*t. The only reason I may watch it is to write an essay on how terrible it is.
s s
s s پیش 12 روز
okay but CW and The Powerpuff Girls...
someone پیش 14 روز
dude cosplayers really need to give them a lesson or 2
Reseted Kitsune
Reseted Kitsune پیش 14 روز
I love how a broke-a$$ cosplayer would get the job done better xD
Digitab پیش 14 روز
C'mon now, you ask any boy about Winx club and we'll all tell you that it was the shit, everybody loves that show, rightfully so!
Desdemona پیش 15 روز
You really should continue watching Sabrina. They don't stay Satanic witches for long.
MeMe P.
MeMe P. پیش 16 روز
Personally the only good one out of the three in my opinion is Chilling Adventures of Sabrina even if it wasn't cheerful and mostly christianized the 1st and 2nd season hits the rest is okaiii and riverdale I tried to watch but couldn't get into it and Winx I never even dared to watch it~ 😅🤭😭
Melania Żelazek
Melania Żelazek پیش 16 روز
Now, that Netflix is adapting my favorite webcomic of all time- Heartstopper by Alice Oseman, I REALLY hope they will do a much better job
Izuku Midoriya -Deku-
Izuku Midoriya -Deku- پیش 17 روز
mkk sooo I remeber watching winx culb when I like 4 bc I wasn't going to school yet and then they stopped showing it on tv so I was very sad I never knew the name the show until like to moths ago
Jae Heo
Jae Heo پیش 17 روز
Hopefully they don’t get to Teen titans go 😅
Blake Hargrove
Blake Hargrove پیش 17 روز
Wait, they actually whitewashed the characters? Lmao in 2021 people still make the same mistakes over and over again.
VANNA BENOSA پیش 18 روز
I actually liked fate winx saga-
Literally just some person on the internet
5:15 When she started showing Magical Girl transformation cutscenes and I saw Mami's I almost cried-
r i
r i پیش 20 روز
Yuki yuna and madoka made me cry so much ahhh they both took such a sad turn
Hisatori پیش 21 روز
We have other problems then this, tbh. I dont understand for waste time like this?
•Ms Izzy•
•Ms Izzy• پیش 22 روز
they have been doing it with anime shows too like death note and kakegurui
Puffercorn The dragon
Puffercorn The dragon پیش 22 روز
Ok I get most of it I did enjoy Sabrina, I didn’t know it came from a cartoon tho
丹工K口. پیش 22 روز
I’ve never really watched winx club because like- I’m not rly into that kind of anime but like this is wrong
eddy پیش 23 روز
there are some things that could actually WORK with an edgy reboot. what I would PAY for a live action horror comedy courage the cowardly dog
random person person.
random person person. پیش 23 روز
They turn winx club into a riverdale fairies
zephyr پیش 24 روز
i genuinely liked the wink reboot but idk hsjslksjlk
da grim weepre
da grim weepre پیش 24 روز
You should bo a draw other peoples drawings
Detective Emma
Detective Emma پیش 25 روز
a modern sailor moon show can be done, a live action version version none the less I mean a live action sailor moon already exist and it's pretty good and if just updated the visuals it would be perfect but knowing netflix they gonna ruin it as always
Cosmos پیش 25 روز
how do you make the colors appear and perfectly make them fit into the line art without colors actually being underneath or is it just a photoshop thing ;-;
Phoenix 2000
Phoenix 2000 پیش 25 روز
Wow I can’t believe what they did to winx club
Rowena Faja
Rowena Faja پیش 25 روز
Itz me Gummy!
Itz me Gummy! پیش 26 روز
okay but that strawberry dress is eret's dress
? Kito Animates ¿
? Kito Animates ¿ پیش 26 روز
I’m gonna cry
Aԃα-cԋαɳ پیش 27 روز
Point of this video: OUR CHILDHOOD IS RUINED (I did like Riverdale tho, even if I have the comics)
simply a sock
simply a sock پیش 28 روز
i want to watch winx nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww 9im to old0 :(
bjark boof
bjark boof پیش 29 روز
erm maybe you meant well but it seems like you're making fun of teens having eating disorders on that one note on the sailor moon one? feels weird
William Westbrook-Shingler
I wonder if it's possible to make a dark and edgy magical girl anime good? Oh wait! It is posible, it's called Madoka Magica.
stella ._.
stella ._. پیش 29 روز
does this mean i watched anime before i even knew what it was ._.
Lucy Oakley
Lucy Oakley پیش 29 روز
Please stop I love all of these shows and I don’t think they are being rude to the original? Like I don’t get how this is offensive......it’ll literally just a show. Yes the other shows might be from your childhood but you’re really hurting my feelings with this. I love both the shows and they are not “edgy”. It’s meant for adults and your not really acting like one so.....
MrEgghead پیش ماه
I feel like if Netflix saw this they'd remake Sailor moon, up their budget, and go all out including dead on accurate transformation sequences just so they could flip us all off and call *us* dumb
jenny پیش ماه
omg I love your design for bloom so much!!! I'd love to see your takes on modernizing the other girls too :'D
MavisRead پیش ماه
I'm only making a guess that they didn't wanna go with the Magical Girl routine for live action to avoid the nude costume changes. As far as I know in anime if there's a costume change, the background is like one color as the person is over in light as their clothes transform from regular day clothes to their superhero outfits. And in animation doing that transformation is simply, using the light to cover up private areas as the transformation happens. But in real life, that magical transformation isn't possible. Light can't hide private areas from sight. So if they tried to attempt that transformation, then it'd be highlighting the privates on the body unless they wore a skin suit under their regular clothes the whole time. Then fans would wonder why the fuck are they wearing a nude one piece under their regular clothes? Also in real life, I doubt that transformation would look so magical. Even with effects, I don't think it would work out to look so impressive and stunning. And there's probably not a budget big enough for the computer effects for a magical transformation scene especially of multiple characters that would need it. And if they won't got for accurate hair styles for the characters then why give them their magical transformation scenes too? Poor animated shows that get turned into poor live action versions. But hey, at least we still all have the originals! Sure you can hate on the poor live action version of them or you can go and watch the originals that you loved so much!
Lady Cheerio
Lady Cheerio پیش ماه
Next thing you know, My Little Pony: A world full of mythical creatures, Where dark magic overwhelms the world in an endless nightmare, they kill each other, not knowing that the 'dream' is real, and end up with a few left. They try not to kill but give in, and the final ones wake up and realise that the world is broken and held hostage by otherworldly creatures, the end. Edit: based of the 'Nightmare Moon' episode 🙃
applelilly پیش ماه
i am really tired of western shows making everyone depressed and having a smoking or drug problem. It's annoying because people are actually going through things like that but it's being used for the entertainment of others. and then people start faking depression anxiety and more an find them being an insult bc every day when i go watch a show it's pretty much depressed characters and kids are influenced to do stuff which will lead to and people faking stuff for attention and it hurts me because it makes severe ADHD sound like a joke( witch i have) and it's really offensive to the point where i barely watch tv now
Lilas Duveteux
Lilas Duveteux پیش ماه
Now, if I had to do a re-imagining of Winx as an edgy story, I would keep most of the plot elements, modify the worldbuilding to be a tad more consistant and simply have more focus on the darker side of the Winx (a massive apocalypse caused by an evil entity, girls getting jumped over a boyfriend story, allusions to rape and even extortion through violence are plenty of source material to go with), treating them with the respect these subjects must be treated. Here: the edgy story is done. No need to turn Bloom into a horrible person. The story can shift from a happy fighting magical girl show to a more sad story of a normal teenage girl being dragged into conflicts she doesn't understand and eventually making friends along the way. In terms of styles, I think I would all give the girls a slightly different body-type, while keeping them attractive. Bloom can have a relatively slender but "shaggy" body, a bit like Kaya Scodelario, Stella being more "slim thick", Musa being rather petite yet plain, with Flora having a soft, voluptuous body, Aïsha having a muscular hourglass shape and Techna having a skinny and masculine silhouette.
Ume پیش ماه
Look I'm an edgy teen and quote-on-quote "Not like other girls" by definition, but I STILL love cute and frilly things. (My laptop theme can prove that) I still cry over cute things and have sentimental value towards PPG and other "girly" shows I loved dearly (Winx Club, Hello Kitty, etc.) NOW YOU CAN IMAGINE HOW UNBELIEVABLY PISSED I WAS WHEN I FOUND OUT MY DEARLY LOVED CHILDHOOD CARTOON I WATCHED ALMOST EVERYDAY WAS SCRAPED AWAY INTO AN EDGY AS HELL REBOOT THAT NOT EVEN THE MOST EDGIEST OF TEENS CAN ENJOY BECAUSE THEY LOVED THE SHOW FOR WHAT IT WAS BECAUSE IT WAS MAGICAL AND ENTERTAINING AND NOT THIS EDGY PIECE OF SH-
• Luna Angel Rosewood •
can you continue this and do the other characters please?👀
Nerdee Props
Nerdee Props پیش ماه
As someone who watched the show, I can agree that bloom was more h a p p i e r and I feel like Netflix is going through they’re edgy, emo phase
Ro_Roblox پیش ماه
Im only 11 but when i was little i loved winx and i would be so if they brought it back
Handy Man
Handy Man پیش ماه
It’d be pretty interesting to watch how Netflix could possibly massacred the Sailor Moon in their version lmao
Long Vo
Long Vo پیش ماه
Why are all the new versions of shows are like a literal down grade
I’m so Done!!
I’m so Done!! پیش ماه
Nuuuu winx club was one of my favorite shows as a kid did they have to do that!!!🥺🤞🏾😩
Becca Mitterwood
Becca Mitterwood پیش ماه
all these adaptations are too dark for me, ive watched a fair bit of archie and sabrina, but only one ep of wynx so far. its just not what i was hoping for. i was imagining a magical sparkly show, but they gave us grey... and also, if they EVER wreck Sailor Moon, ima rage. of all the anime i have seen, sailor moon has more emotion and loss then most shows ive seen.
Çookie Monster
Çookie Monster پیش ماه
Um- they have sailor moon on Netflix- they really only put it in English-
co_ love
co_ love پیش ماه
Netflix did our girl Stella dirty ngl
•AsoCan Aso•
•AsoCan Aso• پیش ماه
10:16 Am i the only one who thought of Eret as soon as they saw the strawberry dress?
dreamfox _night
dreamfox _night پیش ماه
Netflix ruined winx they also got stella so wrong stella aint serious
lil cookie
lil cookie پیش ماه
My childhood winx is ruined ;(
Elysia Abernathy
Elysia Abernathy پیش ماه
it cant be as bad as he avatar remake it just cant be
-M o c h a-
-M o c h a- پیش ماه
Ok the Sabrina one hurt my soul because I have the whole Sabrina series and loved it, I also liked the winx one but Netflix said *no*
Lexie پیش ماه
Aaaaah i when I was younger I loved the Sabrina cartoons and tv shows so much and honestly I don’t really mind the new one I actually really like the aesthetic it has to it but it’s just not the same
PENGUINZ پیش ماه
Usagi looks worse than me when I was dying in the hospital
Ariel Kawai
Ariel Kawai پیش ماه
Big media industries: *make shows with the same plot points, bad character design, cliché dialogues, always the same pretty people, no diversity, etc * Literally any artist: *Super creative having a million cool ideas * What is happening here, though???
Ariel Kawai
Ariel Kawai پیش ماه
It feels like a "not like the other girls" version of the original xD
poptyping پیش ماه
10:18 if that is jack manifold i will eat my shoe
8luck9 پیش ماه
2:07 what is this anime name?
Daylight :3
Daylight :3 پیش ماه
Can we just talk about the background music🥺 it sounds like kitties singing 🥺💖
king پیش ماه
Yea Netflix has a knack for taking something cutesy and magical and making dark and edgy
Willbeeawesome 12
Willbeeawesome 12 پیش ماه
The crazy thing to is that Netflix has brighter shows like Never Have I Ever, Jenny and The Phantoms, and even On My Block so Netflix knows how to make brighter shows but chooses not to for live action verses of Cartoons.
KibKib پیش ماه
I do have to say like- the live actions can be good, like really good- but when you think about what they took and transformed, they don't always keep the iconic or original parts of a character.dont get me wrong the live actions like I said can be great, but sometimes it can just really twist the characters personality and who they are
0 Bah
0 Bah پیش ماه
Wait, is this girl selling plants Flora? Pls tell me Netflix didn't just whitewash Flora. WHY? WHAT DOES IT CHANGE TO HER CHARACTER???
Wolf Moon
Wolf Moon پیش ماه
Fun fact Chilling adventures of sabrina is base on a comic with a same name. So the first season is base on it more than the other seasons. Plus you can see the panels of the comic in intro. But will say that not every live action teen show has to edgy,dark, and when comes to winx have them dress like terribly.
Emily Vipond
Emily Vipond پیش ماه
I like the original winx but I also like the new one too but in my opinion they are completely different shows 😅
Sparkly Toots
Sparkly Toots پیش ماه
I really dislike where this is going, the cartoons were perfectly fine Netflix why did you change it Netflix
Omega Flowey TV
Omega Flowey TV پیش ماه
Out of all titles, NETFLIX MUST BE STOPPED!?
Sra cogumelo
Sra cogumelo پیش ماه
But, Riverdale isn’t from Netflix. It’s really Netflix style, but it’s from Warner
【L E M O N • S T U D I O S 】
The Netflix version of Winxs is just sad. At this point we fans who actually respect the show(The original Winxs)should just remake it ourselves,and would be like 1000x better.
Jay Jay
Jay Jay پیش ماه
XxSĺëėpý ĆhäńxX
Netflix made the show inappropriate for kids and its litteratly a kids show like why-
Poop Poop
Poop Poop پیش ماه
Next it's gonna be monster high noooooooo!!!!
ꕥ m i l k s h a k e ꕥ
Leave it to Netflix to ruin our childhood
BoxFace Comics
BoxFace Comics پیش ماه
You do know that sabrina "reboot" is an adaptation of the comic chill adventures of sabrina right. It's not even a reboot
jesiree morales
jesiree morales پیش ماه
MANSPLANING IS WHEN A MAN TRIES TO TELL U ABOUT WHAT U HAVE LIKE example a regular man tries to tell u about ur period or how society treats us they wouldn't know so they shouldn't explain but a man just telling u directions isnt
Bunnii freakx
Bunnii freakx پیش ماه
I loved winx club when I was younger how dare Netflix do this 😢✋🏻😔😩
Jape’s Gaming
Jape’s Gaming پیش ماه
when it first came out i did not believe that it was a reboot and I still don't
Red Fox
Red Fox پیش ماه
Honestly I was a big fan of winx club when I was younger and then I started getting a bit bored after season 5, I felt like the were repeating things and the animation was getting worse, when they said they were making a live action, I was like RIP, but I actually enjoyed it, I think they done it very well(yes I was sad because I watched the original and it was way different), also for people who haven't watched it I feel like they would enjoy it more ^_^
Dredgen Dorchadas
Dredgen Dorchadas پیش ماه
The change they made to winx and sabrina is very disappointing to me as I liked watching them with my sister and it had all these fantasy magical elements and it's all gone.
itડꪖrꪖᥴꫝ پیش ماه
"Bloom is always complaining." As bad as it is I think I kin the EdgyTM Bloom, lmao.
陳雪嵐 پیش ماه
Netflix is obsessed with edgy and dark crap they literally think that it’s appealing when it’s not .-.
Erica Lima
Erica Lima پیش ماه
netflix making reboot: edgy stuff f*** parents, right fells teens? my closet self rewatching she ra for the 5th time: WERE GONNA WIN IN THE EEEEND
I’m_ Tired
I’m_ Tired پیش ماه
Dude Winx Club was my childhood so it kinda hurts my soul to see it edgy, I love that stuff but still.😅
Gia Jimenez
Gia Jimenez پیش ماه
×Adeerwithnotlogic× پیش ماه
Heyo! As someone who's a wiccan (I'm extremely new to Wicca, bit I'm learning!), i honestly hate it when people compare WitchCraft to Satan. I don't think Christian's are bad either! I respect everyone, as long as they respect me, and don't harm others. Also, *Cries in k don't know how to find the original Sailor Moon and I'm a weeb*
* Spooket *
* Spooket * پیش ماه
Netflix. Buddy. Teenagers aren't that complex.
Sunflxwer Aesthetics Gaming
Winx on Netflix is just a fail. Like couldnt THEY just make it a little more winx-ish ?
rdosanjh1 پیش ماه
MY mom let me watch ALL of riverdale, WHEN I WAS 6
Karly Stewart
Karly Stewart پیش ماه
bruh like i only this show bc royale high