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hey guys! some of you might not know this, but it was actually through my webcomic that I started to gain traction on IRitem, not the other way around. so I thought today I would talk about all that I've learned drawing these 170+ pages of Unfamiliar, things I wished I knew from the start and how I tackle the endless grind of making a long story page by page on the internet.
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2021 6 مارس





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Bleaf پیش روز
Can you make a comic using your phone?
Freyja Rose
Freyja Rose پیش 6 روز
"Staying focused is an acquired skill be responsible yada yada yada" *Me taking prescribed microdose speeeeeed to get anything done*
MathewDaleRosserStinks پیش 8 روز
i have this series of small comic strips called (Fred and Friends) and i’m working on a strip called (lemon shark)
emmiix پیش 13 روز
when i sucked at making stuff and was really demotivated i had so much ideas but now that i feel motivated i have literally zero ideas
Ariel Kawai
Ariel Kawai پیش 16 روز
I wish I had never started to pressure myself to draw/write anything. I now have a love/hate relationship with my future webtoon because of how much I pressured myself to start.
Rue Dandelion
Rue Dandelion پیش 18 روز
Hi, I love your videos. What is the program that you use called??
Platinum Sphinx
Platinum Sphinx پیش 21 روز
You seem to do all of your comic by yourself which is something I really admire. I feel like most if the web comics that I see online are so detailed and beautiful and frequent that I just don’t believe that they could be done by just one person.
Jessica Yang
Jessica Yang پیش 11 روز
Look for changes in shading techniques or lineart thickness
Petulant پیش 23 روز
I don't remember if you mentioned this (I watched this video a while back but I don't wanna witchhunt for wherever you said this if you did) but Amino is also a really good place for webtoon comics to be popularised. There's a lot of webtoon Aminos and everyone is generally pretty nice. :D
Lea Seidman
Lea Seidman پیش 23 روز
If you hate your handwriting, Blambot.com (run by a Marvel Comics letterer) has lettering fonts indie artists can use for free. As a career comics letterer (mainly for translated manga) and artist, I second the “make your own font for your comic” advice, and you definitely explained why very well!
THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! Listening all about your experiences doing webcomics, your challenges that you faced and how you tweaked and defeated them in your own way, as well as giving us advice for creating "our" own comics and how to do it the way we love it most from our imagination, was unbelievably useful and cool to hear! Thx ;3
Lou پیش 24 روز
how are you incorporating text in your pages? Is there a text function in procreate or how do you add text to your art document
Genevieve Buhl
Genevieve Buhl پیش 25 روز
Oh gosh I've read all of unfamiliar and I love it
Nia Beanies
Nia Beanies پیش 25 روز
which website/app do you use to share your comics or make one im wondering-
da grim weepre
da grim weepre پیش 27 روز
How do you com up with comic ideas
KreatedbyKrause پیش 28 روز
So impressive the amount of thought you put into your work! I think it's commendable and rare. Well done and thank you for sharing!
Terra Nodachi
Terra Nodachi پیش 29 روز
Lavender: use your own handwriting Me: "who's English isn't legible," well I guess I'll be writing in Japanese
Black’n White
Black’n White پیش 29 روز
is it just me, but the background music like the one from mincraft?
Cassia Duglio
Cassia Duglio پیش ماه
I need help with my new FONT I made. I have an iPad and I want to type my font in the Procreate app but I don’t know how to install in an my iPad keyboard. I also can’t upload a message to procreate because the app doesn’t show up in ‘share.’ How did you do it?
Koiralgv Animations
Koiralgv Animations پیش ماه
i have lots of comics but i don't know where to upload it for free, where should i upload them thx
Naire L
Naire L پیش ماه
hiiii! so i've been watching your vids consistently now and i can say ive learned a lot like for linearts and stuff when i see your zodiac signs or redraw of characters. so i checked your webtoon and i really loved the aesthetic of it. it's just that the texts are kinda hard to read. im not bashing or anything like that but i think it's nice if you check comic layouts of other webtoons like lore olympus and war not love. the comics are spread vertically so the texts will largen. this is just a recommendation though. i love your art!!
Josiah 2010
Josiah 2010 پیش ماه
So.... I was gonna put a rick roll link in the comments but I can't :) people are probably happy aren't they
daniel Gonzalez
daniel Gonzalez پیش ماه
What places can I post my webcomics
I ship way too Much
I ship way too Much پیش ماه
Slime2 Master
Slime2 Master پیش ماه
Uhm how do i find a site to share my comics?
mYcr0cr1t3 پیش ماه
when you want to make ur own font but ur writings messy af: *pain.*
Leilani Glassmyer
Leilani Glassmyer پیش ماه
Omg- your first character looks kinda like the one I have her name is sappire
PENGUINZ پیش ماه
I’m working on a webtoon called “ Just Bois Chillin’ “ basically about 9 high school guys lives and their friendship and all. So, this was really very helpful, thank you! :D
Jay Jay
Jay Jay پیش ماه
-Sweet Noah-
-Sweet Noah- پیش ماه
What canvas size do you use? What app do you use? Edit: I really want to start a comic but I already started making a serie😞
Jacob ,Santana
Jacob ,Santana پیش ماه
I wish I could make a webcomic. But I suck at digital art. And I'm poor. Great video btw.
《•ŤuŁïpš Ţhē Țíč•》
So what app did you use I'm also a fan U.U
RandomArtist پیش ماه
Is it a bad thing that I read the whole of Unfamiliar in one sitting of 30 minutes and now I'm on a cliffhanger?
Schwarzer Ritter
Schwarzer Ritter پیش ماه
I want to add something about the font. Calligraphr is just the starting point. FontForge is a free program you can use very well to improve the font you just made with Calligraphr.
Helluva Hazbin
Helluva Hazbin پیش ماه
This was really helpful and made me look on my ideas for the comic I wanted to do and helped me with my plot for forbidden fruit the comic I’m making
E EM پیش ماه
How do you make a good story
Gabriel Rogon
Gabriel Rogon پیش ماه
Who wish all her comics was actually a show 🔽 🔽 🔽 🔽
Alphabet Mafia Rank Pan
8:54 I wanna add onto that. There was this story I had a strong idea for but I felt like my art skill wasn't good enough so I hesitated and now I don't have the motivation to even start it despite how passionate I was about it
Me.Me_7216 پیش ماه
I know I am commenting late, but why don’t you release in chapters like some other comics I read? Also I love the Sun x Babs ship!!!!
MikeyMike پیش ماه
And you have NOT answered the TITLE QUESTION!
Melissa Sprinklez
Melissa Sprinklez پیش ماه
To be honest, the best advice is to START IMMEDIATELY! I started drawing a webtoon in July and oh boy I IMPROVED SO MUCH! Don't be afraid! If you don't start soon you won't improve soon! Now when I look back at my webtoon from July I laugh not since it's cringe, it's because I improve! YOU CAN DO IT!! 💕
Sulli پیش ماه
time for coomic making
Umb and Samuel Moonlight
I tried making my own font but failed (couldn’t even get to download the sheet).can anyone help (Ok I got to the part where I’m trying to download it.I still need help)
Niamh sucks at life
Niamh sucks at life پیش ماه
Where dose she upload her comic
the Moonshine
the Moonshine پیش ماه
i would love if you drew gollum from lotr
frogzO13 پیش ماه
whens the next part .
frogzO13 پیش ماه
@Zucker The Octopus ohhhhhh :c
typicallartist_ پیش ماه
@Zucker The Octopus Ty for letting us know I was curious where she was!
Zucker The Octopus
Zucker The Octopus پیش ماه
Hi :) one of lavendertowne's pet rats died recently so she will probably take a short break from IRitem and her comic 🤍
Salem_blaze پیش ماه
Hi can u make a tutorial on ur drawings
Sadie :D
Sadie :D پیش ماه
hello! just wondering does anyone know how to add custom fonts to clip studio? thanks and have a wonderful day :D!
Emahlee Mackada
Emahlee Mackada پیش ماه
Do you think for your next cute girls video you could do desserts as cute girls
SweetiePie پیش ماه
I smile every time she says “lebleblebel” at the end.
Kacper Konieczny
Kacper Konieczny پیش ماه
Some advices can be use in writing. Especially beging, big things and end planed ahead.
yummy orbit
yummy orbit پیش ماه
does anybody know the brushes she use?
** {Fukuro Sama } ** Animation and art
Here’s a challenge turn the idea of what colors represent into cute girl/boys Like purple a dramatic mystical girl in the woods or something
Lily Roberts
Lily Roberts پیش ماه
Lily Roberts
Lily Roberts پیش ماه
Lily Roberts
Lily Roberts پیش ماه
Lily Roberts
Lily Roberts پیش ماه
It’s a good idea
kates journey :3
kates journey :3 پیش ماه
I remeber when I use to watch her two or three years ago she's still the best drawer ever :)
- Animactivity -
- Animactivity - پیش ماه
This’ll be very useful when I upload my webcomic✨
Snuggly پیش ماه
you should do a video on, if not just try out this vtuber generator: en.shindanmaker.com/1010405 you could put in your own username or OC's name or whatever and I've been using those for drawing prompts, love your vids btw
·PinkDaffodils46· پیش ماه
Hey girl! Love this vid but I have an idea for the next "Turning Things Into Cute Girls" video. Turning plants into cute girls! Example: Flower/Sweet and A Heart Of Gold, Venus Flytrap/ Sassy and Moody! Good luck, and I would love it if u were to give this a shout-out if u choose this for ur next vid idea. Thank you! 🌱🌿🌺😍😉😃❤❤❤
Dimy cookie
Dimy cookie پیش ماه
To honor Greece you could take the heros from 1821 and draw them in the modern day. I'd love to watch that.
a پیش ماه
How to get your comic noticed: 1. Be good at art How to be good at art: 1. You can't
Rose cloud tube
Rose cloud tube پیش ماه
Hi love ur art and read ur comic
Tubbo Is judging you
Tubbo Is judging you پیش ماه
Uh u ded?
Zucker The Octopus
Zucker The Octopus پیش ماه
Hi :) lavendertowne is very much alive although one of her pet rats died recently so she will probably take a short break from IRitem and her comic 🤍
LHI AN پیش ماه
Reminds me of the numerous attempts in grade 4 or 5 and 6 we made a webtoon group that is supposed to be uploading a webcomic but had no actual script for the story during that time i wasn't someone who really told their stories to anyone so we had no clue what we were doing the other time was in grade 6 we as the 6 friends decided to make a comic for entertainment purposes i actually wrote some scripts several actually most are different stories and use a lot of dialogue i wasn't that descriptive during that so the artist of the group had to ask me directly to how i imagined the scene or use her own imagination to how the scene looks like and i lost motivation due to the conflict whether to make it slice of life or a more supernatural story and i got bored of it and it discontinued and the promise we made to our teacher to give her the comic by graduation time was broken i was the only script writer so yeah i was very important for it the only artist is also important the other 4 are important since they are most of the ideas for that specific story came from and where my motivation was and creativity and bases for the characters I have more scripts i wrote but although i wrote a decent amount for atleast one chapter i didn't finish them but some of them are still in my head
Yandere Dev
Yandere Dev پیش ماه
Very nice!
Marina Coelho Nogueira
this video is perfect
Sally Pie
Sally Pie پیش ماه
r u ded?
Zucker The Octopus
Zucker The Octopus پیش ماه
Hi :) lavendertowne is very much alive although one of her pet rats died recently so she will probably take a short break from IRitem and her comic 🤍
Kokichi’s middle finger
Hey lavender. I just wanted to ask what software or app do you use to draw?
Vic Portal
Vic Portal پیش ماه
make ur pets into Kaiju for example:Godzilla,Ghidorah,rodan.mothra
Amie Edgington
Amie Edgington پیش ماه
Are you ever gown draw realism again like you did 2 years ago?
Ms.Err0r پیش ماه
Hi about your animatic video could you do a mobile edition?
JoJoSoda پیش ماه
Recently Ive been trying to figure out how I could start doing comics. My biggest struggle is the sketching. The tiny zoomed sketch technique is absolutely brilliant!!! It’s really made my life so much easier!!
Ambi Sanders
Ambi Sanders پیش ماه
the thing she drew at 5:23 reminds me of bad batter from off :)
Ethan Matthew Flores
Ethan Matthew Flores پیش ماه
Yahhh, I need help!! I've lost all of my drawing skills I've honed for years. What's more, seeing myself make art of less quality makes me more dicouraged, so I still can't draw anything properly even if I tried my best. Please send help ⊙^⊙
PanGoesBoom پیش ماه
I tried your art style and wowsers it turned out amazing. Although even if I was having fun I don't think I want to use someone else's art style or else it might make them unhappy before I get roasted in the comments. Anyways just saying.
Matt Arnel Villaruz Amparo
is it gay?
Moony پیش ماه
Hey Lavender! I was wondering if you could make another draw my bit-life character video again. I really like them. Thanks.
thighs پیش ماه
one of her pet rats died so she wont upload for some time maybe wait until then and suggest it?
Alien Art
Alien Art پیش ماه
Nolan Kelly
Nolan Kelly پیش ماه
Thanks for sharing! This is so valuable.
مينما پیش ماه
ضعي ترجمة للعربية
GumbaverianX پیش ماه
Request, can you free draw in Sketchful.io using only limited colors and the site itself?
haylea schmidt
haylea schmidt پیش ماه
can you post bitlife again
Santiago پیش ماه
How about a Beat Saber fanart video?
Stitch fraction
Stitch fraction پیش ماه
Legend has it if you say a youtubers name three times you get pinned. Wonder if it works Lavendertowne. Lavendertowne. Lavendertowne. You helped me so much and I’ve improved so much because of you ❤️
thighs پیش ماه
please stop one of her pet rats died and this is overall an annoying comment
Lorelipcel10 پیش ماه
I... Don't like to make eyes, and my mom wants me to make eyes in my drawings. Its kind of a " phantom drawing to her" then i wanted to ask you, do i follow my own style or just... Go into those that don't scare people?
Lorelipcel10 پیش ماه
@fellow fangurl ty so much
fellow fangurl
fellow fangurl پیش ماه
I’m not Lavender, but you should always, always follow you’re own style. Especially if you’re at an age when you’re still living with your mom, and experimenting with art. You’re style will be constantly changing, and maybe one day you’ll want to try drawing eyes. A lot of people like phantom/creepy things though, so even if you don’t, you shouldn’t worry. If you make what you like, you will find an audience that likes it too
•Lŭ̈nakitty•ツ پیش ماه
Elsie Mae
Elsie Mae پیش ماه
I am in love with your comics.
Arvy Quils
Arvy Quils پیش ماه
Question : wat like device did u make ur comic and what app?????
Salem_blaze پیش ماه
Tutorial on the realistic tall characters plzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!
firkle پیش ماه
what do you use for lineart ??? :0
Lily Roberts
Lily Roberts پیش ماه
A line art brush thick and thin
Llama Lover
Llama Lover پیش 2 ماه
Will this work for Wattpad stories
Anacelot Anadragon
Anacelot Anadragon پیش 2 ماه
Could you please make a video about names? This is my biggest struggle, I've been thinking about starting a comic for a while now but I've been stuck on the names of the characters and also the title name of the comic.
Coffee پیش 2 ماه
I love your channel so much! It always allows me to distress and I've been binging your draw my bit life series over and over again. I would love it if you made those more often. I'm not trying to push you or your schedule around, I will watch and enjoy whatever it is your post. But I'd love to see one of those again! The idea of adding articulate art to a simulator game with words and emojis is so fascinating and I love it! I also love you! Keep up the good work
Staple Tapeworms on My Penis
Thanks for this!! :]
ereh پیش 2 ماه
ethan becker sent me here
?! quack ?! Mk
?! quack ?! Mk پیش 2 ماه
hello i was wondering you know your series where you draw a charater by the book i was wondering if i can make a request can you do the book artimus fowl its ok if you dont know it thank you idk if you even take requst ot if you will see this :)
Rainy Plays
Rainy Plays پیش 2 ماه
Does anyone know what art program she uses?
Lily Roberts
Lily Roberts پیش ماه
Study_sound پیش 2 ماه
She said It's procreate that she used for her comics, but I think she also uses photoshop
Random_ Rat
Random_ Rat پیش 2 ماه
please are you dead Did you un-live Please un-un-live If you died and then died again, please.. Un-Un-un unlive
Camilla Collison
Camilla Collison پیش ماه
Also i think one of her pet rats died so thats why shes not uploading vids
Camilla Collison
Camilla Collison پیش ماه
@Lily Roberts i think they were trying to say are you dead and if u are then come back alive???
Lily Roberts
Lily Roberts پیش ماه
What the heck are you trying to say
klemontyme پیش 2 ماه
I have an idea for a web comic i just need to work in my drawing skills and get a drwwing tablet and glove
Martavia Mccullers
Martavia Mccullers پیش 2 ماه
Eyesyt7 پیش 2 ماه
It's called being a youtuber
Hannah drawsSimple
Hannah drawsSimple پیش 2 ماه
Even though I am not on the farther pages yet, I think I know know what happend to shopkeppergirl
Study_sound پیش 2 ماه
You mean sun?
Maritza Troche
Maritza Troche پیش 2 ماه
Do maze runner
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