DRAWING MONSTERS FROM NURSERY RHYMES [and their horrifying origins] 

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nursery rhymes and lullabies sometimes have some pretty dark histories so today I'm leaning into that and designing some truly terrifying monsters based on the lyrics + history. . .
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2020 10 اكتبر





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シI AM HEREシ پیش ساعت
I like the lullaby from tpn 😩
sakura mochi
sakura mochi پیش 21 ساعت
the three blind mice is the one i'm scared of the most because their tials get cut oof. and i don't know but where i live there is something call mice noodles and i always thought it was mice tails, even until now..
《 D u c k y T h e D u c k 》
I heard a rhyme in a book Mary had a little lamb With her it used to frolic It licked her cheek in play one day And died of painter's colic Mary had a little lamb Her father killed it dead And now it goes to school with her Between two hunks of bread...
My cat is angry
My cat is angry پیش 3 روز
Welp I’m watching this in the dark now Im scared to move
A and B
A and B پیش 3 روز
I know that this is pretty old, but what if she redid the original fairy tales? Also, the originals were pretty dark and not exactly child friendly, so read with caution, and maybe not at night, either.
Thenoteworthy1 پیش 4 روز
Humpty Dumpty was actually supposed to be a cannon...
Shiloh Villadarez
Shiloh Villadarez پیش 5 روز
did anyone else realize that the background music kinda sounds like isabella's lullaby
Birb_ Draws
Birb_ Draws پیش 6 روز
On the ring around the Rosie, i don’t remember completely but i remember my dad telling me it was about war and soldiers thats all i remember for the most part of what he told me :/
ALY DLCB پیش 7 روز
So dose no one realize that when the video started the music box in the background is isabella lullaby from the promise Neverland!!!!!!!
•MoaxArmy •
•MoaxArmy • پیش 7 روز
Hey guys…so…I don’t know if this is only for my school…but…before when I was in first grade,my classmates made a um…darker? version of Mary had a little lamb. I remember it being about Mary shooting her lamb
•MoaxArmy •
•MoaxArmy • پیش 7 روز
I should be focusing on the video but why the tpn music…
Macks Hughes-Findley
Macks Hughes-Findley پیش 7 روز
Ring around the Rosie‘s slowdown and turned in to la’s is the doll song
Jennifer Llanes
Jennifer Llanes پیش 7 روز
Mary had a little lamb i think they killed the lamb and the ppl who killed lamb i think they made the lamb into a dress and gave it to her and when she discovered that she is wearing her own ded pet i think she got deppressed and killed her self and became a demon that is fuzed with a lamb thats my theory and the thing that she drew was exactly the demon i was thinking ab
Io Oi
Io Oi پیش 8 روز
Actually, Humpty Dumpty (I think) was referring to Richard III, a crazy king who was killed on the battlefield, his head chopped off. His horse’s name was supposedly “Wall”
Reason St. Hilaire Martin
Welp I got nightmares now 😄
•Stupid Sticker •
•Stupid Sticker • پیش 8 روز
Is no one talking about her background music its tpn
Bob پیش 9 روز
i love that isabellas/leslie's lullaby is in the background
• puff •
• puff • پیش 9 روز
I just realized one the first drawing the background lullaby is Isabellas, wow its great you should check it out!
Katsu Naku
Katsu Naku پیش 9 روز
Isabellas lullaby is soooooooo good ahhhhhhh
Sploof پیش 10 روز
Lavender towne taking about blood: wow, These Characters *really* messy with their toast-
Marie Cometdawn
Marie Cometdawn پیش 10 روز
Oh my gosh, these are amazing! Do you know what brushes you use? I really love them, and I’m trying to get into shading more! Thank you ❤️
a tadpole
a tadpole پیش 10 روز
so my sister's name is Mary, and all throughout elementary people would say weird versions of Mary had a little lamb to her. the most common one was "Mary had a little lamb, chick chick bam, no more lamb!"
Victoria Camilion
Victoria Camilion پیش 10 روز
Isabellas lullaby was like the perfect song for this video lol
A Tav
A Tav پیش 10 روز
If you do something scary stuff from little kids songs here is a idea “Old Mic Donald *HAD* a farm eaeao”
Mapo Nica
Mapo Nica پیش 10 روز
i can sing ring around a rosie like a creepy doll and i can do a creepy face
Charlee Miller
Charlee Miller پیش 10 روز
Isabelle's Lullabye from TPN as the background music matched the theme of this video sooo well.
Vilate Everett
Vilate Everett پیش 11 روز
I have a question did you listen to shoots and Ladders by Korn if you haven't listened to that song please do you will find a lot of similarities between this video and that song
CatsAreAwesome پیش 11 روز
I watched this before when I didn’t watch tpn and now I watched it and I recognize the song in the background at the beginning
Claire Dacey
Claire Dacey پیش 12 روز
The ring around the Rosie one is defiantly the best. Why? Cause I'm overly obsessed with Plague doctors
Peri Uluirmak
Peri Uluirmak پیش 13 روز
OK OK OK HEAR ME OUT- so i found this comment on a vid and i'm gonna share it here because it's relevant (by user TheOne , profile pic is a dark, kinda blue forest) "Mary had a little lamb, you've heard this tale before But did you know she passed her plate to have a little more?"
Eden Eke
Eden Eke پیش 15 روز
Is that the lullaby from tpn 👀
Sophie UwU Chan
Sophie UwU Chan پیش 15 روز
In my mind Humpty Dumpty was actually Prince Humphrey Dumpty. The king (Humphrey’s dad) just called him Humpty as a nickname, one day he was using the wall that lined the castle garden. It was about 7 foot tall.. and he took a great fall... the king tried to save his son... but all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again.
MEGAN ASHTON پیش 15 روز
I actually read a story about merry with her little lamb, and bloody merry is the reference to it She brings her white lamb to her school and her classmates takes the lamb and kills it painfully and so merry wants revenge for her lamb so she tries to kill everyone ig? That's what that story was about when i read it so it might not be it
Starkitti پیش 15 روز
Isabella's Lulluby... ;-;
Coockie Gacha
Coockie Gacha پیش 16 روز
her:i put a little strawberry jam at the end of it me: -_-...wow. just wow.
Samm Marciano
Samm Marciano پیش 17 روز
Promised never land music! Beautiful 🌼💞
TheChocolateWolf پیش 18 روز
What if you did this but cute instead of creepy?
ewwarat469 پیش 19 روز
Humpty Dumpty is actually a cannon he was also the first cannon ever he was made in 610
Lil_Doggo پیش 19 روز
me just vibing to Isabella's lullaby-
Germaiony Rocha
Germaiony Rocha پیش 20 روز
Can we talk about Isabella's Lullaby playing in the background in the first drawing-
Abigail Hixenbaugh
Abigail Hixenbaugh پیش 20 روز
I don’t think you know this but people claim that the little girl in Mary had a little lamb Mary killed or ate the lamb and that’s why it didn’t come back sorry to ruin that one for you but someone had to tell you
Qu_ge پیش 21 روز
Cute SCP 049 be like:
Meto the Temmie
Meto the Temmie پیش 22 روز
This is so cool 8000 Is there anywhere I can find the images on their own? :3
Al maha Mubarak Alobaidli
Al maha Mubarak Alobaidli پیش 22 روز
when she draw him downbthe floor: me: good job when they remove it: me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Arwen Langfield
Arwen Langfield پیش 22 روز
Lavendertowne: Talks about humpty dumpty Me: Remembers the dream I had when I ate humpty dumpty
my gacha edits
my gacha edits پیش 24 روز
Lavendertown:*puts a lullaby at the beginning* Me: ISABELLAS LULLABY (only tpn fans will know)
WolfiedaAquarius پیش 24 روز
Not Isabelles lullaby 😭
「snyichu」 پیش 25 روز
Elizandra Martins Coutinho
Lavender town
Emo Crab
Emo Crab پیش 26 روز
Theres probably an actual psychological reason, but I think that why adults/older people find little kids and nursery rhymes and things unnerving is because they represent a time of innocence, comfort, and naivete that they no longer have. It's like a slap in the face that the world isnt as safe as you thought it was, like when you're young you believe pretty much anything and everything you're told, and that's kind of a frightening concept.
I feel like humpty was actually a very depressed man, and the "humpty dumpty had a great fall" is actually a reference to him breaking on the inside and the "all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put humpty together again" is a reference to therapist trying to help him bring his sanity back but in the end he committed suicide
Aria McCarthy
Aria McCarthy پیش 26 روز
fun fact: Humpty Dumpty was actually a canon, and during a war, the other side, broke the wall Humpty Dumpty was on, and it broke, but in the lewis carrol book, he made him an egg for no reason! (I love the Humpty Dumpty design tho!)
DaddyGayKermit پیش 26 روز
I’m not sure where I heard this, and I can be entirely wrong, but I think the rhyme for ring around the Rosie was a prison thing, back then, the prisoners would circle this poisonous plant (correct me because I might be wrong) and sing a rhyme that was oddly similar to ring around the Rosie, It was a game to the prisoners and whoever got pricked or poisoned loses. Again I just might be wrong entirely, so don’t trust me on this.
osst پیش 27 روز
I love how the mice heads almost look like a bishop hat
Lxndon پیش 27 روز
Is that Isabella’s lullaby as the background music? :O
Hiccup Haddock the gamer
Hiccup Haddock the gamer پیش 27 روز
Who else was thinking at the song "play date" when she wrote at the character "ring around the Rosie "? just me? Ok!
Arson is my name :D
Arson is my name :D پیش 27 روز
I saw a tiktok about humpty dumpty heres what I remember: humpty dumpty was a human and he has a horse but the nickname for the horse was wall. They has a race and the person (i don’t remember the real name of Humpty Dumpty) fell of wall and the other horses stomped on him or something and they couldn’t put him together
Akelah Smith
Akelah Smith پیش 28 روز
i was told marys classmates when she brought the lamb to school killed the lamb and se haunted the school for the kids so she can kill them for vengence
•ThatOne_ArminGirl• پیش 28 روز
So, I don’t know if anyone noticed, but the first song in the background is Isabella’s Lullaby from The Promised Neverland-
books books
books books پیش 28 روز
Is that Isabellas lullaby I hear-
-ジ3MMY !L1K3S !T3RR0Rジ-
*I like the first song*
Lucidドリーマー پیش 28 روز
I hear Isabella's lullaby
Destiny Bujanowski
Destiny Bujanowski پیش 29 روز
what I think the lyrics to humpy dumpy actually mean: humpy dumpy sat on a wall-a person sitting on a roof humpy dumpy had a great fall- the person jumping off it all the king's horses and all the king's men- referring to the ambulance that took him to the hospital and the doctors trying to revive him. couldn't put humpy together again- them not saving them in time/the person dieing
Hailey Frogz
Hailey Frogz پیش 29 روز
Tripophobia agh for the Mary one my tripophobia activated
Jelli forever
Jelli forever پیش 29 روز
What's the song playing at the end of the video? (Not in the credits, but in the video itself)
Mistybella پیش 29 روز
Is that isabellas lullaby playing in the backgroundy
Kawaii Button
Kawaii Button پیش ماه
SCP_363 پیش ماه
Me: *notices one of the songs from the promised neverland is in a music box version for the background music on ring around the rosies*
Brenna S
Brenna S پیش ماه
I S A B E L L A ' S L U L L A B Y M U S I C
JL gacha studios
JL gacha studios پیش ماه
I love her voice ☺️☺️
Stephanie Lind
Stephanie Lind پیش ماه
Am I the only one who noticed isabella’s lullaby in the beginning.
Mx. Ash
Mx. Ash پیش ماه
Trumpet پیش ماه
*isabellas lullaby playing calmly in background*
KeroChan پیش ماه
Normal person:don't ya just love strawberry jam? Lavendertowne fan:mhm... strawberry jam...
R4y_Lol پیش ماه
is that Isabella's lullaby that was in that background lol (also loved the art)
kokichi panta
kokichi panta پیش ماه
these are so good
alex playz gacha
alex playz gacha پیش ماه
I'm am I the only one who thinks this song is from the promised neverland Isabella's lullaby?
alex playz gacha
alex playz gacha پیش ماه
Just in case you wanted to know the time the song was it's 1:16
xCosmicx xCosmox
xCosmicx xCosmox پیش ماه
Mikyla Johnson
Mikyla Johnson پیش ماه
Bro i knew Ring around the rosie was bad when i first heard it aroud 4 or 5 . It was pockets full of toesies, like toes cut off and ''ashes ashes, we all fall down'' as people getting burned to death. Yes, i wasnt Innocent.
azumiina پیش ماه
The fact that Isabella lullaby was on made me complete
IceBonnie 0428
IceBonnie 0428 پیش ماه
The actual origin of Humpty Dumpty comes from a canon that fell off a wall
Krissi MacKay
Krissi MacKay پیش ماه
Anyone else realize the first lullyaby/song was from an anime called the promised neverland
Lilianna Powell
Lilianna Powell پیش ماه
Sophia Guevara
Sophia Guevara پیش ماه
Mary had a little lamb, Chick Chick Bam, No more lamb....
hotcoffee pot
hotcoffee pot پیش ماه
Ah i see a tpn fan I see.
Estela Garza
Estela Garza پیش ماه
You know there is a nursery rhyme where it says the little girl is stabbing her parents till they die and says something like get something sharp
Ume پیش ماه
I hate how my brain came to the conclusion that the person described as Humpty Dumpty and the king were both gay for each other, and that the king tried his best to fix the one he loved, but it was futile and so his beloved died. The ghost of his beloved comes back to haunt him in a tragic tale of love and loss. I hate how my brain came to that. I hate it.
_Momo San_
_Momo San_ پیش ماه
Me rewatching this holsome video The music on the background playing Me: Isabella has entered the chat :)))))) Yes, you probably know that this song is from The Promised Neverland so I am quite glad that I am hearing it once again
PåwTøonż پیش ماه
Isabella’s lullaby in the background hit hard
Jane Richardson
Jane Richardson پیش ماه
Hi uhm... I just wanted to mention I learned about “humpty dumpty” in school.. Humpty Dumpty wasn’t an egg, or a person... it was an extremely beefy canon mounted on a castle wall that was knocked down during war... :3
Ray З. М.
Ray З. М. پیش ماه
You could draw "Mary", eating a head of the lamb
KoalaKat پیش ماه
I'm not certain so don't quote me on it but I think humpty dumpty actually was the king at the time who fell off of his horse in battle and was trampled to death. I'm not certain don't take this as a fact just what I think I've heard
Allysa Muller
Allysa Muller پیش ماه
Anybody think the first design reminds them of the promised Neverland. (I think the background music in the beginning is Isabellas lullaby)
Creative Wayz
Creative Wayz پیش ماه
Wasn’t Humpty Dumpty like..this giant canon that was used in a war, but it fell off the wall it was put on and it was way to heavy to be pulled back up so the thing was just left there
Apple juice Kid
Apple juice Kid پیش ماه
Did anyone else hear Isabellas lullaby from tpn in the background?
Hans Erian II
Hans Erian II پیش ماه
Also I’m going to tell people to subscribe to you otherwise the cookies will be steeled!
Hans Erian II
Hans Erian II پیش ماه
I like these videos when they’re scary how are you make some more!
Nova The goth narwhal
Nova The goth narwhal پیش ماه
I think you should name each if these. Some of them are kind of straight forward. Lol Ring around the rosie: Rose/Rosie Humpty dumpty: Humphrey Three blind mice: Benjamin Mary had a little lamb: Mary
Arietty Lloydsmith
Arietty Lloydsmith پیش ماه
the nursery rhymes that stood out to me the most was ladybug ladybug with the line "ladybug ladybug fly away home your house is on fire and your children are gone"
Lindsey Richard
Lindsey Richard پیش ماه
I love how she has the The Promised Neverland lullaby! I love the anime, by the way, you are great at drawing! Keep going!
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