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today we're looking at all the trope of movie killers and slashers and seeing what happens when you put all their designs together :) honestly I love how he turned out, I hope you guys do too!

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2021 2 آوریل





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Nickalas Montano
Nickalas Montano پیش ماه
The Masquerade Killer, perhaps, due to the half mask look? Their real name is definitely some four syllable iambic thing where the first name is pretty normal (Freddy, Michael, Jason, etc) and the last name is German (Krueger, Myers, Voorhees, Lecter?). So how about... Richard Kohler?
Kitty Galore
Kitty Galore پیش 16 روز
Lucky پیش 17 روز
@sigamigs jo no
Hailey Jade
Hailey Jade پیش 19 روز
@Ledger Sam because of cORona ViRUs (thats my reason also same)
oogaboogabe پیش 26 روز
This is actually brilliant
Hobo eren is best wifu in aot
Very creative idea
Suchwowitzmads پیش روز
The older killer honestly reminds me of the axe killer from season 3 of AHS
Im Thals
Im Thals پیش 2 روز
Girl this NEEDS a backstory
Nikki Ray
Nikki Ray پیش 4 روز
Can you draw Erica frog from soul eater?
Yin Sin
Yin Sin پیش 4 روز
Story: he has a teenage daughter and she begins to notice that her father goes out late at night a lot and dead bodies keeps showing up. She did some research and learns that there was a killer back then who was never caught and that they way the victims were killed was the same a the recent victims. Now wanting to end up as a dead body, she keeps it a secret. Calling a few of her close friends, they all come up with a plan to find the killer and stop them. Her father begins to suspect that his daughter is picking up on his behavior and was planning on killing her, but knows that he would be a suspect since it’s family so he doesn’t. The police department is actually doing their job and when the group comes in with a possible suspect, the police watches the girls father and sees him killing a person. Now the full story is a horror chase where the father cuts off all electricity to the town to stop his daughter and the police.
ummm پیش 4 روز
ok but he's kinda cute. just saying.
Ryou zans
Ryou zans پیش 4 روز
Yo I actually had this idea too I have an Oc who's definitely inspired from my favorite horror icons! pretty awesome video btw.
Carl پیش 6 روز
I've gotta ask, does he have a birthday? What's his sexual identity? Any friends? And how does he keep his house? Is it like kept really clean, or, does he have trouble with things like that? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just really curious if you wanna get that deep into his character.
Mindful Music
Mindful Music پیش 6 روز
He looks like a 'Sebastian'.
cupcake lover
cupcake lover پیش 7 روز
I have same last name as Jason voorhees
ItsMeKitty پیش 8 روز
Is it bad that I think the teen version of him is cute? 😳🤚
PizzaCult پیش 8 روز
I get the appeal for the younger version but why is no one talking about the older version?? That's an epic dilf moment right there 😳😳😳
Gacha cookie 26 Funny
Gacha cookie 26 Funny پیش 8 روز
4:14. William Afton😀
Gacha cookie 26 Funny
Gacha cookie 26 Funny پیش 8 روز
Gacha cookie 26 Funny
Gacha cookie 26 Funny پیش 8 روز
Gacha cookie 26 Funny
Gacha cookie 26 Funny پیش 8 روز
The mad Pico
The mad Pico پیش 9 روز
The creepy pasta of Lavender towne : the kids say when they watch 4 to 3 videos They have to subscribe if they don’t they spam like
•Rice randoms•
•Rice randoms• پیش 11 روز
Everyone: how to fill your sketchbook fast Me: how to not fill up your sketchbook in 2 days
Gagjaga پیش 11 روز
the comment below me is scaring me
capri88able پیش 12 روز
The older one reminds me of a vampire
Freddie's World
Freddie's World پیش 12 روز
Why bad man hot
E EM پیش 13 روز
How do you find linart that f your art style
Shi Merrill
Shi Merrill پیش 14 روز
I’d Love to see these killers have there own movies !
Rome پیش 15 روز
I can fix him
PrincessMoonNeko پیش 15 روز
Not gonna lie he kind of attractive
Ren :3
Ren :3 پیش 16 روز
Theatre Phantom
Theatre Phantom پیش 16 روز
Lev Haiba
Lev Haiba پیش 17 روز
I’d make him Edward roundhouse ( if kit just came to mind ) and about the morgue thing maybe one of his close family members or something or someone special got sent to where he works and that’s what set him off
Joyjellyface پیش 17 روز
WatermelonSugamamaXD پیش 18 روز
I feel like the suits are important because when people see this handsome gentleman in a suit they'll think "oh, this handsome fella is wearing very formal clothes, so he must be very nice and serious" O think it lulls us into a false sense of security. It could also be that some people are intimidated by the severe outfit, and then the killer acts nice so we feel like "oh, he's actually super nice. Appearances can be deceiving" And then he tries to kill you, and youre like "appearances really CAN be deceiving" 🤣🤣🤣
Bug Lord
Bug Lord پیش 19 روز
oh my gosh i love him
Miss MeowiPuff
Miss MeowiPuff پیش 20 روز
The young version reminds me of JD from Heathers. That's probably just because I've been listening to the soundtrack the whole day though
Spinycreator6 پیش 20 روز
I think that deathwish is a good name
SkullCracker12 پیش 22 روز
Cracker پیش 23 روز
That’s my stuff
AJ TheWindWolf64
AJ TheWindWolf64 پیش 24 روز
I hate all serial killers. BUT WHEN HE STABS ME IN THE CHEST!
Ziipy_ پیش 24 روز
I wouldn’t really say he’s scary- He looks like a Bond villain tho 👍
Eruu پیش 24 روز
these drawings be kinda...cute... i need therapy
Savannah Joubert
Savannah Joubert پیش 25 روز
Levi definitely he looks like a levi
YourSnowBud' PAW
YourSnowBud' PAW پیش 26 روز
Without the mask he do be kinda handsome 🥺👉👈
Dizzy whizzy
Dizzy whizzy پیش 26 روز
People: Getting killed/Scared of these LavenderTowne: Let's mix them together in my art style Me: Somehow at the same time as this scares me more....It scares me less
Peaceful Moomoo
Peaceful Moomoo پیش 27 روز
Regarding the breaking in... Are you ok?
Ana Emilia Davila Escobr
Ana Emilia Davila Escobr پیش 27 روز
so I get scared easily in general and to be honest the look the younger version has without the mask and the older version just freaked me out ;-; and the mask was so weird and for me it gave this sort of melted face thing, like what two-face from batman looked like a bit, not sure if it makes sense but yeah
Sophia Shane
Sophia Shane پیش 27 روز
Kopikurio. (Koh-pee-keer-io). That's my name for him.
Sabrina Pickett
Sabrina Pickett پیش 27 روز
This actually inspired me a lot? While i was watching the video i was imagining what sort of movies he would be in, like the first movie would be in the 80s and have his girlfriend as the main character and after they watch a horror marathon, her family and close friends start getting murdered. Near the end of the movie she breaks up with him because she’s scared he’ll get killed too, and the killer shows up that night and reveals that he was the boyfriend all along. The third act would proceed similarly to scream or friday the 13th, but she would die at the end and he would get away with it. I don’t have any ideas for the older version’s movie yet though
Emily Rouk
Emily Rouk پیش 28 روز
his slasher name is silence because he dosnt talk duh and in adult hood his an irs agent and likes to frame people for not paying their taxes. his real name is tom paulson. and his rich
Please Standby
Please Standby پیش 28 روز
Ok but he cute tho
Drae Bee
Drae Bee پیش 28 روز
Anyone can be a killer But not just anyone can kill you Your only true weakness is yourself
Mj_animations پیش 28 روز
Oof she didn't add chucky
Aurora Does art
Aurora Does art پیش 28 روز
wenny moon
wenny moon پیش 29 روز
Imagine if a killer is watching this and is like *"imma use this design as my murderer outfit UwU"*
Charlotte Rumney
Charlotte Rumney پیش 29 روز
osst پیش ماه
I just really like the name Simon for him
Jane- پیش ماه
Name: Conner/Carter Mason Edit: He has a name already so like oof-
MonnoTea پیش ماه
yeah but you weren't supposed to make him hot
Human Person
Human Person پیش ماه
The girls who thirst over slashers looking at this:
Drawing-Kya :P
Drawing-Kya :P پیش ماه
Why does the first one kinda look like Colby from Sam and Colby-
Lucy Bowers
Lucy Bowers پیش ماه
For some reason the name Aaron Kess comes to mind. Ace as a kid, Mr. Kess as an adult?
Froggy پیش ماه
Milky Way
Milky Way پیش ماه
Omg!!! You did an amazing job!!!!! I will probably have nightmares tonight!!!! He is literally out of your worst nightmare!!!! Great job!!!!
Semi Decent
Semi Decent پیش ماه
I haven’t even watched the video and I already know someone’s gonna be thirsting over the character drawn :,)
Princess Brave
Princess Brave پیش ماه
right on the money hunny
Cloverworld MUSIC
Cloverworld MUSIC پیش ماه
Hey Lavendertowne please turn all the Black Zodiacs from Thirteen Ghost into cute monster 👻🥺
Cloverworld MUSIC
Cloverworld MUSIC پیش ماه
If you watch the movie please gets ideas
I think Jude would fit him I’m not sure why lol
lisa marie sackett
lisa marie sackett پیش ماه
how do you make shadows?
metal straw
metal straw پیش ماه
If it isn’t triggering or violating for you I really want to hear the break in story
metal straw
metal straw پیش ماه
I’m going to hyperfixate over him now
Milla Tritchkova
Milla Tritchkova پیش ماه
No one: LavenderTowne: "I've preferred more normal looking killers"
Bo Bagwell
Bo Bagwell پیش ماه
I love what you did but I really wish you gave him a claw hand but instead of knifes there muchetys
Miranda Dougherty
Miranda Dougherty پیش ماه
Okay so my idea for a first name at least is Hunter because one, many horror movies are centered around wooded areas and that is a common rural boy name and two, he HUNTS people....
Virkin Games
Virkin Games پیش ماه
I have a name for the younger killer it could frederick johnathan
Aubrey Strachan
Aubrey Strachan پیش ماه
When 💟🐀🐁🍱 makes 👺🔪🎈☠
Katherine Buescher
Katherine Buescher پیش ماه
so.... light yagami?
chibishii پیش ماه
not me actually simping for the young stages
Arabelle Lovelace :/
Arabelle Lovelace :/ پیش ماه
My brain kepk calling him Daniel Bryers for some reason
Deus Vult
Deus Vult پیش ماه
The younger one looks like jd form heathers
Prof. Turtle Queen
Prof. Turtle Queen پیش ماه
Maybe he got back in because they reopened the investigation
PoPiPo پیش ماه
What program do you use for drawing?
Mike the Goo
Mike the Goo پیش ماه
Miller the Killer (joke name) Jeff (the Killer) The nameless killer The Killer Blanco The face stealer/ripper The fanboy (may later become "The fanman") Killer Jack the Ripper (this one may be less clear but this is just because nobody seems to know who he was, so the fact that the identity of the killer is still unknown, that may fit this guy really well due to his relation to a lot of killers, essentially making him all of them and none of them at the same time) Mouguet (say "Morgt") Mourguice ("Morgeese") to reference his job The vague names that suggest no identity are meant to reference the fact he is supposed to embody all these killers, but ultimately be none of them, as he is someone else. As well as the anonymity of many killers because they don't want to be caught, and the nicknames/titles they get as a result. I also kinda put some "normal" first names in case you wanted a name instead of a nickname that could possibly also be an actual first name. Edit: I saw someone suggest The copycat killer And I would like them to get the credit if that is gonne be the one, but I wanna make a suggestion that changes it The copy-killer And auto-correct made me think of The Copyright killer (because just imagine the killers being copyrighted and him just being a bootleg of them all)
❤lazari❤ پیش ماه
S p o o k y
shanice O
shanice O پیش ماه
* sees video title* Then they better be B E E F Y AS HELL MY DUDE Edit: My disappointment has reached far greater than I could have imagined
Cluca_ پیش ماه
Bro wtf i wanted to sleep tonight.
a little elf
a little elf پیش ماه
Krson Pronunciation:Car-son
Taylor Do
Taylor Do پیش ماه
I am sorry Robert
Sam Kerney
Sam Kerney پیش ماه
Okay but why is is cute
Basil پیش ماه
So in the thumbnail when it was small I thought I saw Barry Benson and part of me is disappointed he isn’t here
suoiruC Curious
suoiruC Curious پیش ماه
Okay so what if the reason he stopped was because he met a person. A girlfriend, boyfriend, role model, etc. Somehow they convinced him to change his mind… but then they died, and that’s why he started killing again, to releive the greif of his loss. Maybe they got murdered so he started pulling a dexter after that? Maybe this is too cliche…. The reason he started getting into killing people at all could be because he saw it on all these movies and it seemed “Fun”? Maybe he was “Brainwashed” as a child for an experiment of sorts. He’d be stuck in a room for as long as he could remember until he turned 18 and could only watch slasher movies or some other sort of horror movie. They’d put learning books in the room and give him meals, but he’d get no parental guidence or affection. They’d place pictures of people in his room with profiles on them, explaining what horrible people they were, however true it may be. Each week a new person’s data would show up. Once he was released, the experiment would be if he could kill them all without getting caught. Or maybe there would be 100 other children put through the same torture, and they’d all know about one another, but never get to see or interact with each other. They’d leave off on their own devices at, again, the age of 18 and it’d be a massive killing game. The last kid standing won, but the people who got caught killing another would be disqualified. Is this a bad idea? Probably...
Wattpad Unofficial
Wattpad Unofficial پیش ماه
dead by daylight vibes haha
Your Friend Ollie
Your Friend Ollie پیش ماه
not scary. sorry
Sander Frost
Sander Frost پیش ماه
Lavender, I'm curious. Would you ever consider illustrating a horror novel?
Emily پیش ماه
Has anyone else been drawing for ages and could probably get paid to do something for someone but just decides that they don’t wanna take it that seriously?
Julian S.
Julian S. پیش ماه
"There's something about suits that really unnerve people" I don't know why this is so funny.
Anya Twiddy
Anya Twiddy پیش ماه
She up to making scary things again oh no please help...
Hailey Jade
Hailey Jade پیش ماه
i think his name should roll around his maquerade killer and mask look, his real name sure does suit him but i think this character is a definite Ben Bachelor kinda thing? but i dont know where im going with this but that is what i came up through the whole story and look of the original and how he is drawn so yup
Eat._.Thisss پیش ماه
it looks super cool and creative :o but i think maybe you should add gloves to his older version? like black or dark red gloves, i think that would give him more of a "proffessional" look? it would also give him like, doctor-ish vibes, which means you end up including all of the doctor and nurse killers into the character. it would make it look like hes grown more mature than his younger version, i think?
A. Ishchuk
A. Ishchuk پیش ماه
the mask is really terrifying 😬
R E D X YT پیش ماه
Do YOU speak romanian ?
Celiene joy Gusto
Celiene joy Gusto پیش ماه
What app are you using?
Jo Smith
Jo Smith پیش ماه
Actually, you can see someone in full black decently in the dark if you have average vision. (Shadows are rarely that dark.) Darker blues, greys, and greens-depending on how urban the environment is-work much better in comparison if your goal is to not be seen. *However*, black can be more unsettling depending on context purely because of the darker, "living" shadow contrast.
AngryMilk_Chan پیش ماه
Perhaps you should create him a wife/girlfriend who also murders :) and they met on accident when one of them was on a killing spree.
BookCharmš _•
BookCharmš _• پیش ماه
I have a video idea I guess so if you know the movie box trolls you can make then cutesy i guess 😁👍
That PeculiarHuman
That PeculiarHuman پیش ماه
I can already hear all of the 14 year old girls that are trying to explain how this killer “isn’t truly evil” and how he’s “misunderstood”
TheOrca پیش 5 روز
Well serial killing is unjustifiable(unless your technoblade)
GiveMeYourToast ._.
GiveMeYourToast ._. پیش ماه
Jezter Eddin
Jezter Eddin پیش ماه
I have a really creepy "Hubert" stare. My eyes are large but they're also a bit sunken in so my brows seem to pop out more. It's really effective if I wanna take a creepy pic. Doesnt help that the rest of my face is baby faced lol plus I'm pale af. When I was little I had the classic long dark hair and boy did I know how creepy I was. I'd purposely scare the shit outta my parents.
Małgosia Milczewska
Małgosia Milczewska پیش ماه
Lavender just wants to give us an identity crisis by making a very attractive serial killer.